About us


Klaas van Rijn and Akko Groenhof are the faces behind Custom Airport Solutions, they work as a dynamic team and combine their expertise’s to create the solutions they’re known for.

Klaas and Akko have an expertise in Aviation Security. Klaas his focus is Innovation Acceleration to bring new technology to maturity for large scale implementation and to develop and realise custom solutions. Akko his focus is Program Management and Business Change Management, to create the preconditions for implementation and to drive the implementation and business change. Together they design and develop the custom solutions to fit security checkpoints in the airport layout and to maximize the security process performance.

We were responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Schiphol Security Lanes. We were leading in the new technology integration in the Schiphol Security Lanes for the Schiphol innovation projects. Examples are the integration and implementation of the Computer Tomography scanners (CT-scanner also known as 3D scanner) of the vendors Integrated Defence & Security Solutions (IDSS), Analogic, Smiths Detection and Leidos.

Our expertise is based upon our long term experience in designing, implementing and optimizing security checkpoints for multiple airports. We monitor the developments in the market and invest in understanding new technology of the different suppliers. We have conversations with security agents and passengers to understand their experience and needs. Our security checkpoint design is driven by the security agent and passenger needs for a effective and efficient process with a positive passenger experience.


We design security checkpoints and processes to maximize the resultant of:

  • Security agent and passenger viewpoint: design a checkpoint that works as optimal as possible for security agents and is intuitive for passengers.
  • Regulation compliance viewpoint: comply with laws and regulations by design.
  • Cost viewpoint: maximize the security process performance, minimize the security checkpoint footprint and minimize the number of agents required.

In our design approach we use real size models of the security checkpoint design to role play the process and adapt the security checkpoint where needed. In the role play, representatives of the security agents are involved to develop a smooth security process and maximize the security agent effectiveness and efficiency. The process is leading, the technology supports the process. In our security checkpoint design we combine proven technology with customized solutions to achieve our goal.

Customized solutions

We design custom made checkpoints to comply with customer specific requirements. Using the available technology in the market and developing custom solutions to generate the maximum performance.



Based upon our experience we help your project delivery organisation to understand the critical success factors to integrate the new security checkpoints in your airport infrastructure. We help your security organization to develop a training and transition plan to guarantee that enough qualified security agents are trained and qualified to run the operation for the new security checkpoints. Together with your organization we draw up a risk mitigation plan for the possible risks in order to ensure a compliant operational process.

Maximize process performance

We manage the process to maximize the security process performance. We configure Control & Reporting Structure to monitor the security checkpoint performance, analyse the issues to be solved and develop solutions together with your organisation and security agent representatives.